The Crisis of Life

We do not burn down the Louvre. We do not set fire to the Library of Congress. So why do we go on erasing the database of life itself?

By exploiting the living world, we are dangerously impoverishing our planet, putting our own welfare in danger. Every day, species are dying, never to come back. Ecosystems around the world are unravelling, leaving many people without access to healthy food, clean water, and other essentials for their daily needs. This is a Crisis of Life, and it is up to us to stop it.

In the „Crisis of Life“ video project, ecologists and activists talk about ways to stop the ongoing biodiversity crisis to ensure the survival of all living beings, including ourselves.

Watch all four videos incl. trailer and bonus chapter in one go here.

The Crisis of Life - introduction

Biodiversity crisis
Is there a global biodiversity crisis?

The ‘Crisis of Life’ video project wants to communicate to you the urgent need to recognize that the biodiversity crisis is a global environmental crisis with potentially devastating consequences for human well-being which are on par with the potential threats posed by the water crisis and the pollution crisis.

The continuing decrease of plant and animal populations and the resulting extinction of species and unravelling of ecosystems are still too often considered just sad events happening somewhere far away, like the disappearance of charismatic species like tigers and pandas, but not of a threatening nature to daily life.

However, these interviews with leading biodiversity scientists and activists make clear that these biodiversity crashes are increasingly impacting human well-being directly. Especially the quality of life of poor and rural people, but eventually of everybody will be more and more impacted when, for example:

●  fisheries collapse leaving entire communities unemployed,

●  pollinators like bees and butterflies disappear, leaving crops unfertilized and harvests diminished,

●  damaged ecosystems lose the capability of soaking up and cleaning water, leading to devastating floods and mudslides and poisoned and diminished ground water all around the world.